E-Liquid Tutorial 3: How to select Quality E-Liquids

The hunt for the ultimate Vaping experience commence when a new Vaper falls in love with Vaping — that hunting includes finding the perfect tool and the best fitting E-liquids to one’s taste and needs.

E-liquid is the heart of Vaping. It provides the sensation and the general impact of Vaping to one’s life. As people says; in order to find the ultimate Vaping experience, one must find its heart. So here’s a guide on how to select a suitable e-liquid.


As the key part of producing big quantity of vapor with a nice throat hit remains in the content of the e-liquid, it is important that we know what are the components that are responsible with it.

1. Liquid Base: Generally, they are Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin (or mixed). VG is known to give more vapor while PG base helps the nicotine in giving a better throat hit.

2. Flavors: Tobacco, herbs, fruits, food and beverage, so on and so forth. These flavor categories are responsible to give you the certain taste you’ll love and crave. For new vapers, HiLIQ suggests to start with fruit flavors or mentholated ones with low to no nicotine density.

3. Nicotine: Throat hit depends on nicotine density and the quantity of PG in the liquid base, these are normally from 0mg/ml to 36mg/ml. Nicotine affects the general experience with E-liquids. HiLIQ recommends selecting 0mg/ml for non-smokers while 12mg/ml to 18mg/ml to previous cigarette users.

The Big Four

Knowing how to select your favorite e-liquid is just the first step of being a Vaper, later on (or as early as possible), you’ll need to learn how to distinguish a good quality E-liquid. This article aims to help you familiarize on the process of selecting a good Vaping E-liquid that you can keep and share.

A good quality e-liquid relies mostly on the liquid base, flavors and nicotine which are used to create it. You probably know now the 3 components of your E-liquid as we discussed above, so now let’s get down to more details.

E-liquid base should be USP Food Grade or Pharmaceutical Grade. Some unscrupulous manufacturers may mix it with Industrial Grade Base instead of Food Grade or Pharmaceutical Grade. When that’s the case, it has a stimulating effect on the skin and the eyes if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. Its vapor or mist causes irritation to the eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory problems. When in contact with these low grade e-juice it would cause headache, dizziness and vomiting.

The same applies for Flavors Concentrates used to create the flavored E-liquids. It should come with high quality natural raw materials and must be USP food grade certified. Low quality flavor suggests nausea, dizziness, mouth sores and other symptoms.

Nicotine should be taken from the highest purity available in order to have finer taste, longer shelf life and higher oxidation period. It should be sourced out from 99+ nicotine purity that is naturally extracted from tobacco. With low purity nicotine in E-liquids, end-products may smell sour and fishy — and that could lead to a total bad experience. Not only that, it sometimes lead to serious burning pain in the mouth and stomach, nausea, vomiting, abdominal stress and diarrhea.

How to distinguish the quality of an e-liquid?

Non-nicotine E-liquids usually comes in crystal clear color, from transparent to light yellow. Nicotine Added e-liquids are identified with colors gold, orange and brown and may change during oxidation.

Smell should imitate the original flavor/s it is inspired from.

While taste is subjective and may fall upon the users’ own preference. The taste of an e-liquid should follow the flavors in the ingredients list or description. Say, good quality Apple fruit-flavored e-liquid should imitate at least 80% of the taste of Apple. The same goes to good quality tobacco flavored e-juice, it should contain the same feeling and sensation with conventional cigarettes especially when added with the right amount of nicotine.

Note: that e-juice with no nicotine offer no stimulation, no choking feeling and just entirely flavor, taste and fragrance.

HiLIQ Ensures that each e-liquid sold on its site are worth your hard-earned money in terms of quality and safety. Proven by the set of professional tests and certificates, one can be assured that only the finest and safest products can go out from our facility then shipped to your doorsteps. All HiLIQ Certificates are found here.