HiLIQ E-Liquid Tutorial 1: STEEP E-LIQUID

The longer you store the red wine, the better smell you will get.
The same process goes for E-liquid too, it needs a STEEPING PROCESS and could give you a better solution.

Steep is an important procedure of D-I-Y e-liquid, it could let the e-liquid have a big physic change to get a more perfect taste.
For a freshly made e-liquid even though you shake it pretty bad that doesn’t mean you will get a suitable taste. When vaping it you could have that “horrible” feeling on the taste.
You could see in some vape forums, “I just bought an excellent strawberry flavors, but why it smells so bad?” The reason of that lies in the fact that it’s still fresh and the steeping procedure is not enough. You will feel totally different once it is STEEPED.
·Color: slightly darker,
·Function: lets the e-liquid have a molecular level of each recipes,
·Taste: have distinct tastes with strong fragrance

How to STEEP e-liquid?
1, shake the e-liquid several times
2, store it well. Open the bottle and keep it at a cool place for 12 hours, so that the different smell other than the E-liquid one can go away.
3, after 12hours, put on the bottle cap, still keep it at a cool place and shake daily and open it to let the fresh air come in ( don’t store it in refrigerator), keep doing it 1-3 weeks, so the molecular level recipes could be even more.. The molecular is always moving, it produces totally different chemical reaction between extremely cold and hot place. So the best way is to keep it at a dry &cool room.
In theory, the longer time the e-liquid is steeping, the better the e-liquid flavors will be. Some professional vapers do the STEEPING procedure for a month.

Steeping e-liquid is a personal habit/choice only, instead of a necessary part. Some likes the freshness of the taste and some are eager to perfect a strong sensation of flavors by a long steeping process. On the other hand, each brand’s steeping time are also various. In HiLIQ, we only advice you 2-4 weeks time steeping process let the e-liquid have that perfect and strong taste, all e-liquid are freshly made and are mixed within 24hours when we process your order.

Anyway, do as you want, the one which suits your taste is the best! Happy vaping!