HILIQ IS REACH COMPLIANT! What does it mean for you?


In the Nicotine industry, there are only a few companies who are able to comply with this highly coveted and particularly important registration in Europe. Being able to be a REACH-compliant company gives an extra boost in our professional and technical confidence as to comply with this specific regulation, we had to identify and manage risks linked to the substances we produce and sell within the EU as well as in the World.

REACH is a shortcut for these terms: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH is a stringent regulation of the European Union taking in place to improve the protection of human health as well as the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. It has been existing since June 2007 and has been able to continually elevate the competitiveness of the Chemical industry in Europe as well as becoming a standard for the World.


What does it mean for consumers?

REACH applies, if not all, to most of the chemicals we use in our daily lives.
Us, being REACH compliant guarantees our clients’ utmost safety as we have to standardize not only our internal production processes but also the external ones such as the packaging, labeling, and transportation of the product. The SDS is also standardized in a way it is easy to understand and contains all the needed data.

Companies which are possessing REACH are very limited not only because it is a tedious process but also because you have to produce at least 1 tonne per year of the product and market it accordingly. HILIQ produces tonne and tonnes of Nicotine per year marketed within the EU and the World.

HILIQ REACH registration number is  01-2120066934-47-0008. Applied under the Nicotine substances tab with Active current registration status. You can visit echa.europa.eu for more information.

For interested parties, connect with us via the following platforms:

Europe: eu@hiliq.com
Outside EU: wholesale@hiliq.com 

Europe: +48 608 821 077
Outside EU: (07) 3040 7877

General: +86 185 1667 0284

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