HiLIQ E-Liquid Tutorial 2:Flavor Concentrate Percent (%) Usage

We live in a world full of flavors, figuratively and literally. Flavor Concentrates in general play a significant use in our daily lives, we celebrate it everyday through food and drinks. However, like many others things we consume, we should always keep our limit to its use and avoid extreme dosage that can result to harming our health.

In the Vaping Scene, Flavor Concentrates takes the heart of an E-liquid. It makes the general vapour experience. The taste it generate gives a certain feeling which we always consider the reason why we are keen on selecting our favorite Vapes. In short, it is the one responsible for our palate satisfaction!

HiLIQ flavor concentrate is made by the natural plants and flowers. It is extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits and tobaccos by the strict procedure of crushing, distillation and extraction, it is certified food grade and not harmful to health. It do not contains food coloring or additional sweeteners.

HiLIQ flavor concentrate basic usage is 6%-15%, the total usage % is not needed to be changed when you want blended flavors. We can’t speak on behalf of other brands’ quality and safety thus, we do not suggest to mix our flavors with other brands’ flavor. Our Flavor concentrates are highly concentrated, with this you must remember the usage percentage ratio per strength:

Low flavor strength: 6%-8% usage is enough
Medium flavor strength: we advice you 9%-12%
High flavor strength: You could only put 12%-15%11

When your taste requires higher than the recommended percentage, feel free to add drop by drop and record the progress. Use our DIY calculator for any help on mixing.

Above is based on HiLIQ flavor concentrate only which have been inspected, tried and tested by our professional laboratory engineers. Create your own preferred taste using our flavors and get back to us with your discoveries! It may be the next big flavor creation of the Vaping community!