HILIQ IS REACH COMPLIANT! What does it mean for you?


In the Nicotine industry, there are only a few companies who are able to comply with this highly coveted and particularly important registration in Europe. Being able to be a REACH-compliant company gives an extra boost in our professional and technical confidence as to comply with this specific regulation, we had to identify and manage risks linked to the substances we produce and sell within the EU as well as in the World.

REACH is a shortcut for these terms: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH is a stringent regulation of the European Union taking in place to improve the protection of human health as well as the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. It has been existing since June 2007 and has been able to continually elevate the competitiveness of the Chemical industry in Europe as well as becoming a standard for the World.


What does it mean for consumers?

REACH applies, if not all, to most of the chemicals we use in our daily lives.
Us, being REACH compliant guarantees our clients’ utmost safety as we have to standardize not only our internal production processes but also the external ones such as the packaging, labeling, and transportation of the product. The SDS is also standardized in a way it is easy to understand and contains all the needed data.

Companies which are possessing REACH are very limited not only because it is a tedious process but also because you have to produce at least 1 tonne per year of the product and market it accordingly. HILIQ produces tonne and tonnes of Nicotine per year marketed within the EU and the World.

HILIQ REACH registration number is  01-2120066934-47-0008. Applied under the Nicotine substances tab with Active current registration status. You can visit echa.europa.eu for more information.

For interested parties, connect with us via the following platforms:

Europe: eu@hiliq.com
Outside EU: wholesale@hiliq.com 

Europe: +48 608 821 077
Outside EU: (07) 3040 7877

General: +86 185 1667 0284

Is Blogging Dead?


It was back in 2016 when we had our last write up for this Blog. It feels just a few months ago actually, but it was that looong since we last updated it.

4 years have gone and a lot of things have changed since then. With the recent boom of so many new platforms on social media where people posts not only photos and short video clips, a new trend of doing Lives and posting Video Diaries has become a new sensation, both for the young and the old. 

I must say, Vlogging is in! 

But does that really mean, Blogging is out? 


While I acknowledge more people are inclined to watch than to read as the first is easier, faster, and more fun to do than the latter, I’d like to go back to the basics and still do a little traditional way of putting up content. Content that matters to the industry. Content that inspires our users. Or just content that lights up my bulb – and potentially yours too!

I put up a task to myself to create weekly stories for the blog – and this is with the hopes to spark your interest. Help me in the pursuit to write relatable stories, interesting subjects, and engaging discussions.

Traditional writing is not done.
There are still people who have time to read and genuinely enjoy it.

As we re-open our Blog in this highly progressive time, we are opening our doors to your ideas and opinions. We are open for commissioned articles and guest posts. HILIQ customers and readers are more than welcome to share content for our growing community – and we’re more than happy to be your avenue to be read and be heard.


New blog entries will be posted and updated every Saturday.
For interested contributors, please send your work to danilo@hiliq.com.
Approved contents will be given a token of appreciation in the HILIQ products form.

AFFILIATE+PLUS: سبع خطوات للنجاح


AFFILIATE+PLUS  هي ميزه جديده على موقعنا لمكافأة عملاؤنا الافياء لاستمرارهم في دعمنا.

A+PLUS       يسمح لك لكسب العموله عن كل عميل يتمم عملية الشراء عن طريق الرابط الخاص بك

احصل على العموله او استرجعها او حولها الى نقاط لتحصل على بعض المنتجات مجانا

فيما يلي دليل حول كيفية انشاء ومتابعة الحساب الخاص بك خطة بخطوة بالاضافه الى حسابك الفعال

1- قم بزيارة موقعنا وسجل الدخول الى حسابك. hiliq.com


2-في لوحة القياده الخاصه بك ستكون قادرا على رؤية علامة التبويب التابعه لها على الجانب الايسر من الشاشه


3- اذا لم تكن جزءا من برنامج الاشتراك معنا يرجى الاشتراك  في موقعنا


4-عند الاشتراك يرجى ملئ الحقول المطلوبه في الاستماره وايضا يرجى التحقق من حساب بال بال وذلك لاننا سوف نستخدمه عندما نقوم بتحويل الاموال اليك


5-انقر على زر الاصدقاء للوصول بسهوله ومشاركة  الروابط الشخصيه الخاصه بك


6-يمكنك تحديد اية سيله من وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي لمشاركة رابطك الخاص


7- اذا تمت عملية الشراء عن طريق احد اصدقائك يمكنك المتابعه عن طريق الرابط والحساب الخاص بك وايضا سيصلك اشعار الى عنوان البريد الالكتلروني الخاص بك


تبدو سهله؟ ابدأ الآن! تحقق من صفحة الاشتراك معنا  واشترك هنا AFFILIATE+PLUS

Your Feedback and its Importance to HiLIQ


Feedback plays an important role in brand-building. In all business models, feedback is an essential unit that helps on establishing a good foundation. It fuels both system’s  development and workforce’s maturation.

HiLIQ, as a feedback driven company, always welcomes reviews from its partners and consumers. HiLIQ allows its global clientele to review its products and services through countless of platforms, may it be through the social media, community and forum pages, direct site sourcing and solicitation or third party review centers.

HiLIQ, in fact, rewards its clients who bestow time and effort just to drop reviews and feedback may it be positive or negative. Here are 5 reasons why HiLIQ is rewarding people coming by with reviews:

6-Reasons-Why-Your-Company-Needs-Real-Time-Feedback-740x4311. Being an online merchant where everything is done virtually, feedback is a tap on the back.
2. Feedback are like experience – they are great mentors.
3. Feedback are indicator that you’ve found life-long loyal consumers who cares on what you really offer.
4. Great flavors and excellent undiscovered products are discovered through feedback and reviews.
5. It nourishes the soul of the business: You’d work harder for a negative feedback and work even more for a positive one.

Help us improve and be the brand you’d want us to be! Your thoughts about us are highly welcome!

You can do it via the following methods:

1.Leave us a review on Facebook, or tweet us how you feel about our products and service!
2.Go to our site and to the page where your most loved products are found, then drop a review instantly.
3.Go to an independent review sites such as TrustPilot or JuiceDB and share what you have in mind.
4.You can go to our Forum Communities (found in the site’s bottom page) and leave us something you wanna share.
5. Email us directly. We’d love to hear something from you!

In return, we’ll send you something from our end, whatever it’ll be, it‘s for sure from the bottom of our thankful hearts!

HiLIQ Celebrates A Successful Business Year in Beijing!

HiLIQ gears up for another year of business as it celebrates a successful one in China’s massive capital, Beijing. As a company which glorifies synergy as its fundamental driver of success, HiLIQ traveled all the way from Shanghai to Beijing to strengthen its camaraderie among office workers and solidify its goals and targets for a new business year.

Who knows one day, HiLIQ will travel to places where its products are sent to, say; Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, Middle East and the United Kingdom – or even more, in United States! There are limitless possibilities as we continue to serve the vaping community with excellent products and dependable service. Just by doing so, all others – in which we deeply desire as a team, will follow naturally.

Tian'an Men

HiLIQ Shanghai Team poses happily opposite the World’s famous TianAnMen Square located in Beijing, China during its Celebratory Holidays last May 19, 2016.

We share to you all these as we commit to the same standards of quality and service we have had for years – and we will continue to do so as we grow old in the industry. Together, we’ll make more fruitful years and the memories we’ll be making will be all shared to you as a gratitude for being with us all the time.

HiLIQ111 HiLIQ1111 HiLIQ111111






’Til Our Next Celebration!

HiLIQ invites you to its on-going Anniversary Giveaways. It is until the 31st of May! Everyone can win great prices everyday! Try your luck now!

US$10 giveaway this Labor’s Holiday!


We are all part of the world’s workforce! Celebrate this special occassion with us as we give away US$10 dollars to each of our customer’s account starting April 30 to May 2, 2016.

*This store credit can be used when you place an order with us this long weekend-labor holiday! Applicable to any items store wide!*

This is a Tap on the Back for doing a great job and for making the global workforce efficient, productive and competitive.

Below is a quick guide to help you successfully get our offer!

STEP 1: Get on the website and click your way in


STEP 2: Log in to your account **


STEP 3: Click the transfer button]55]9DUX[~$3C8TWC}23PXT

STEP 4: Check your Store Value balance


STEP 5: Use the Store Credit Value correctly


STEP 6: Show us some love


**You may be prompted an error if not yet registered to our site. To resolve this concern, customer is advised to create first an account. Change browser or delete cookies for the promotional banner to reappear. Try again to get the $10.00 Stored Credit. 

HiLIQ — Where Communication Matters.

Quality, Price, Stability — These are just 3 key factors, among of the many, why vendors are staying and trusting a supplier brand amidst the vastness of the E-cigarette and E-liquid market.

The Vaping industry is wide yet limited. While there are numerous vendors, both offline and online, offering relative services to the vaping community to enjoy, there are only limited sources where they can get what they need all at once with the promise of Quality and Affordability. HiLIQ comes into the scenario to offer vendors what actually matters in the business. E-liquid content, solutions, accessories and other supplies – Name it and HiLIQ can professionally provide.

It happens easy as HiLIQ administers the most convenient way of communication. It’s the Human Connection. A business to business, people to people communication that transcends plans into reality.


Here are several ways on how HiLIQ can actively communicate to you!


Give us a ring and we’ll listen to help you out. Your voice is important, one call means one love! Our call center is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 8:30AM – 5:15PM APT.


Talk to us, live. Make conversations out of your favorite juice or tell stories about your smoking neighbor nearby or ask product details of the items you like to order. Let us know all of them and be friends.


Contact forms are available anywhere in the site, so feel free to drop your information for us to reach you. We’ll go straight ahead to your needs and help you get it done.


We’re not online? Send all your queries and request delivered to our service mail boxes and expect a response in the soonest possible time.


Drop some comments or message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instragram and Google+ and we’ll make sure you’ll get noticed. Together let’s spread the vaping love in the social media community!


HiLIQ prides itself for having proficient and professional account managers willing to share their experience and expertise to your business. English, Korean, Flamish, French, Japanese and Chinese speakers are in so you can comfortably talk and depend on them!

When communication is valued, there’s a headway. HiLIQ is the Supplier brand where the element of communication is highly regarded – and it does make a big difference.

Choose HiLIQ and rediscover a partnership of forever.