HiLIQ Celebrates A Successful Business Year in Beijing!

HiLIQ gears up for another year of business as it celebrates a successful one in China’s massive capital, Beijing. As a company which glorifies synergy as its fundamental driver of success, HiLIQ traveled all the way from Shanghai to Beijing to strengthen its camaraderie among office workers and solidify its goals and targets for a new business year.

Who knows one day, HiLIQ will travel to places where its products are sent to, say; Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, Middle East and the United Kingdom – or even more, in United States! There are limitless possibilities as we continue to serve the vaping community with excellent products and dependable service. Just by doing so, all others – in which we deeply desire as a team, will follow naturally.

Tian'an Men

HiLIQ Shanghai Team poses happily opposite the World’s famous TianAnMen Square located in Beijing, China during its Celebratory Holidays last May 19, 2016.

We share to you all these as we commit to the same standards of quality and service we have had for years – and we will continue to do so as we grow old in the industry. Together, we’ll make more fruitful years and the memories we’ll be making will be all shared to you as a gratitude for being with us all the time.

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’Til Our Next Celebration!

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