HiLIQ on VAPE EXPO Paris 2015


Held for the first time in March 2014 with 3,780 vistors from over 25 countries, Vape expo is expecting 6,431 visitors this year from over 57 countries to visit the 125 exhibitors in city of light, Paris.

As expected to double the numbers of visitors and exhibitors from the first organized event, Vape Expo Paris is now ready to stage its biggest exhibition yet to date in Grande Halle de la Villette starting tomorrow, September 20 to 22, 2015.

This will give way to connect manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, reviewers, customers and even health professionals and journalists in an instant. They will have to enjoy fully loaded activities, competitions, talks and presentation and Vape celebration, nonetheless, all throughout its run.

Exchanges, respect, conviviality and discovering are the key words at the Vape Expo. It aims to elevate the vaping sector, answer and solve substantial current issues and heighten up opportunities and security all for the Vapers’ benefit.

In this unique occassion, HiLIQ presence is a must – our team of professionals are sent to experience first-hand the Vape Expo Paris and to share our brand ideals and promise of quality products with an honest price. The Nicotine and Cooling agent will be showcased as our featured product in the entire run of the show. Expect flyers, giveaways, free trials and samples from HiLIQ on site!


Not only that, we are bringing the fun and experience online as we are offering FREE products at our website: www.hiliq.com. For every order placed from September 20 to 25, 2015, all International customers can claim 30ML 10%Nic90%PG base and 1ML cooling agent.

This is another event that will carve history for the Vaping Community. Visit Vape Expo Paris website for news and updates.


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Marketing Specialist, HiLIQ Co., Limited