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Guide: What Your GP Should Put on a Prescription

6 months after the October 1 Nicotine Regulation in Australia, the percentage of Vapers who has obtained a valid prescription still remains at a low number. According to our recently conducted survey, the reasons are mainly due to; 1). Overstocking made before the regulation took effect, 2). Lack of more information how to get a script, 3). The cost involved in getting it, and 4). Some doctors does not know what to fill in a prescription.

As a result, getting a prescription seemed to be quite a hurdle for many Vapers to obtain. A lot of our clients are usually asking how to get one or what exactly a prescription looks like. So, we made sure we have all the answers.

We partnered with Vape Scripts Australia to ensure getting a prescription is fast and easy with a very minimal clinic fee of $60AUD. Here’s the link on how to get an appointment: https://www.hiliqau.com/get-script

You can also obtain a valid Prescription through your family doctor for free or trusted general practitioner at a lower charge. In case they are not familiar on what details to put out in the prescription, here’s a guide:

  • 1. The amount you vape
    Your prescription should contain the amount in volume (ML) that you want to import.

  • 2. The strength you vape
    Your doctor needs to note a specific density of nicotine or a range of strength on your prescription, for example, 6mg to 20mg for e-liquids, or 100mg for bases.

  • 3. The length of your script
    Your prescriptions should contain a valid time-period, which can be up to a 12-month.

  • 4. The repeats on your script
    Your prescriptions should contain the number of times you can use it (Repeats) every 3 months, in one full year.

  • 5. The Information of the Prescriber
    Your GP needs to put his or her signature, prescriber ID and contact information beside its issuance date.


https://blog.hiliq.com/obtain-a-prescription-from-your-gp/ “

If you still need some more readings about TGO110, please visit: https://www.hiliqau.com/laws-and-regulations or check our simplified notes found here: https://www.hiliqau.com/prescription-board.

All orders are pre-cleared and the prescription is submitted to the customs online through our partner commercial couriers. So, you may not see your prescription on your package. It is stored in our system for a year and is kept confidential.

You are more than welcome to talk to us on Livechat at www.hiliqau.com or email us au@hiliq.com!

New E-cig Regulation in China

China’s SMTA to implement New E-cig Measures on May 1, 2022

China’s vape industry has been hit with another round of legislation. The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, abbreviated as STMA, has released new electronic cigarette measures effective on May 1, 2022. The regulation that was drafted last year and officially announced and introduced to the public on March 11 applies to companies that engage in the manufacture and operation of electronic cigarette(ecig) products within China and cover all types of vaping products.

1.Manufacture and Quality

  • The local tobacco administrative departments should conduct regular and ad-hoc inspections of companies and individuals with licenses to sell ecig products.
  • The ecig brand owners shall manage and supervise the manufacturers’ behavior and be responsible for the quality of the products
  • A unified ecig product traceability system needs to be established to strengthen the management from production to sale
  • Companies must receive approval and obtain a license before they can establish businesses to manufacture e-cigarettes; Manufacturers must reapply for a license if their scope of business changes and obtain approval from the STMA if they intend to expand production capacity

2.Sales and Marketing

  • All ecig transactions should ONLY take place on the nation’s unified ecig management platform
  • Ecig wholesalers shall not provide ecig products to businesses or individuals that are not qualified to engage in ecig retail business; The tobacco products used by manufacturers to produce e-cigarette products and nicotine must be purchased from a company with the right to operate and may not be purchased from an illegal seller.
  • It is prohibited to hold exhibitions, forums, expositions, etc. to promote ecig products
  • ONLY tobacco flavors are allowed, other flavours are banned
  • Open rather than closed devices are prohibited, like refillable/ DIY pods
  • The current ecig specialty stores, such as stores of certain ecig brands, shall not exist. Ecig stores is not able to sell only one type/brand of ecig products but will have to sell a collection of multiple types/brands of ecig products
  • Only companies that already have tobacco wholesale licenses are qualified to be engaged in ecig wholesale business
  • There will be a limit on the shipment of ecig products. However, the exact limit is vague and not specified in the document
  • Ecig retailers may not be located close to any schools for minors to whom the ecig products are not allowed to be sold. It is also prohibited to sell ecig products through any self-service mechanism like self-vending machines

3.Cross-border Trade

  • The packaging of ecig products exclusively for export shall meet the requirements set by the STMA
  • Ecig products that are not sold in China and are only for export shall comply with the regulations of the destination country or region; If there are no specific regulations there, they shall comply with the regulations in China
  • Imported vape products can also only be sold to domestic wholesalers or producers through the unified ecig transaction platform. Overseas suppliers of ecig products are also allowed to sell products to domestic manufacturers or wholesalers only through this channel.

Summary and Insights

  • This regulation mainly applies to businesses that conduct activities within China
  • Regulation about nonnicotine eliquid is not specified in this file. So there exists a vague explanation about 0% nicotine products. This shows that 0% nicotine products are in grey area
  • The vaping products discussed in this document also cover “other new tobacco products“, including those of solid form
  • The new measures might lead to an uncertain future and significantly less profit for the domestic vaping market in China
  • The measures only explicitly prohibit the sale of flavored vapes in China but did not mention the production or export of flavored juices. This will leave room for more explanation on export business. According to many experts, the Chinese government encourages companies that focus on export business
  • The ecig transaction platform could be a major headwind for the vaping industry. The platform indicates that e-cigarettes will be subject to the same pricing and quota requirements as traditional tobacco products
  • The requirements of having an adequate amount of capital and facilities are immense entry barriers for new and small players. This is extremely beneficial to those established players
  • This regulation favours the notion that consumers should get more reliable, higher-quality, and safer products from the upstream producers and sellers who are expected to take more responsibility

Titans of Vaping – The Vaping Industry is Making More Billionaires


The growing global popularity of vaping helped China mint many billionaires from the vaping device industry.

Shares in Smoore International Holdings as of January 29, 2021, are at HK$75.76 more than six times their IPO price of HK$12.40. That leaves Smoore’s valuation at nearly $57 billion USD while the CEO of the company is now worth a whopping $19.7 billion USD, not to mention Smoore’s co-founder Xiong Shaoming is also a billionaire.[1]

China’s largest e-cigarette company debuted in the US stock market last month, turning founder Wang Ying going by the name Kate Wang, into an overnight billionaire. Just after the debut, Chinese media reported that the young billionaire now boasted an estimated net worth of US$24.8 billion determined by the current stock price. RELX opened its shares at US$22.34, almost twice their initial offering IPO of US$12 per share.[2]

These 2 companies are the backbones of the device vaping market in China as well as around the world and are interdependent with one and another. Indeed, considerably the Titans of Vaping. SMOORE is believed to be the world’s largest manufacturer of vaping devices owning several popular brand names such as VAPORESSO (with which HiLIQ has been partnering for years) and FEELM and manufacturing for RELX and supplying components or OEM services to companies like Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco, and NJOY.[3]


HiLIQ, being one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of nicotine solutions is actively working to develop and expand technologically and scientifically to continuously provide its partners and consumers a better alternative to smoking. Among its popular offerings are professional cut Nicotine solutions, Cooling agent and  Flavors concentrates, as well as it very own, NicoBacco.

HILIQ is committed to assist, support and work hand-in-hand with Chinese vaping device manufacturers as well as Global e-liquids manufacturers to get access to the best raw materials possible for safe and dedicated uses in the Vaping arena.



[1] https://www.forbes.com/profile/chen-zhiping/?sh=48115f7a73c2

[2] https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/news-trends/article/3119727/who-millennial-billionaire-wang-ying-rlx-technology-ceo

[3] https://www.vapingpost.com/2020/11/10/smoore-international-ceo-is-chinas-first-vaping-billionaire/



Marc Li
Account Manager
Southern Europe



We will be bringing to you more up-to-date news from our industry and together, let’s keep contributing to create a world with fewer deaths and less smoking, but with great relief and more vaping.

NTN – A New Generation of Nicotine



NTN is a new generation of Nicotine without the Tobacco. It is the purest and cleanest Nicotine solution in the market that is only made by the combination of Molecular Chemistry and not derived from Tobacco leaf, stem or waste dust. It eliminates the Tobacco impurities which make the Nicotine feel and smell harsher. Now, you can expect essentially tasteless and odorless Nicotine which can help boost your E-liquid flavor profiles while still providing the same biological impact as Tobacco-derived Nicotine. Indulge in a new experience by crafting your favorite e-liquid free from Tobacco Nicotine!

Origin of Synthetic Nicotine

In 1828, Germany chemists Posselt and Reimann isolated nicotine from tobacco the first time. In 1843, Melsens proposed the chemical formula of nicotine. In 1893, Adolf Pinner found a structure of nicotine. Then in 1904, A. Pictet and Crepieus used synthetic way to get nicotine successfully.

Physicochemical Property of NTN

Molecular Formula: C10H14N2
Molecular weight: 162.24
Proportion: 1.0092
Boiling Point: 247℃ ( 745mmhg)
Solubility: Water, Alcohol, Ether, Chloroform, Oil
Appearance: Colorless Viscous Liquid



    – No Carcinogenic or other tobacco combustion substances.
    – Highest Purity ever available in the market
    – Cleanest and Smoothest Feeling and Sensation
    – Same biological impact as TDN (Tobacco-derived Nicotine)
    – Flavors are essentially improved, no more harsh or bitter E-liquid taste.
    – No foul Nicotine smell and the phenomenon of burning charcoal for atomization is dramatically reduced.

NTN A New Generation Approach

  • *Quality and Purity Certifications

    NTN underwent a tedious process of inspection and analysis from globally accredited and widely known testing and certification centers.

  • *State of the Art Facilities

    We take pride in producing NTN in a well-maintained laboratory with dedicated facilities for Nicotine Manufacturing following international operation standards.

  • *Continuous Research and Development

    Committed to continually improve our end-products, we invest highly in R&D to make us and our clients ahead in this fast-growing market.

  • *Quality Assurance

    Our laboratory experts steadily check, measure and monitor all manufacturing processes and protocols to ensure consistent and reliable product quality.

  • *Restrictions-Free

    No current restrictions in most countries. More flexible to market and to advertise and is allowed for online and in-store item placements.

  • *New Sensation

    Due to tobacco impurities elimination, NTN offers the purest and cleanest end-products providing a new sensation to vapers while maintaining same biological impact as TDN.

To view NTN’s complete Technical Data including Safety Data Sheet, USP certificate, Certificate of Analysis and GC Test, please redirect here:

Since the launch on November 15, 2016, NTN has been making rounds in the Vaping community and getting excellent feedback from regular Vapers and experts.

Try and see the difference. Get more information here.


HiLIQ at the Frankfurt VaporFair 2016

Frankfur 1

Vapor Fair EU website: https://vaporfair.eu/index.php/en/

The First Specialized International exhibition of Electronic cigarettes and related products in Europe which was held in Frankfurt, Germany last April 15-16, 2016 was a huge success considering the number of exhibitors and visitors attended, phenomenal products presented, interesting topics talked about and significant objectives reached!

youjian_01HiLIQ witnessed how the FrankFurt Vaporfair 2016 was able to attain its end goal to gather people with the same interests and passion, provide information and innovation to the growing market of E-cigarette and E-liquid and finally, establish valuable business relations between stakeholders and users, both locally and internationally.

HiLIQ as one of the leaders in Pure Nicotine Manufacturing attended the fair to convene more data on the current trends in the market, new developments in the Vaping Industry and potential rules to be implemented in Europe.

Aided by our professional and talented team, HiLIQ was able to introduce to the crowd its best produced products such as the Nicotine Solutions and Cooling Agent. By offering high quality products with competitive business pricing – HiLIQ was highly accepted by the Vaporfair-goers and exhibitors as they look for Nicotine solutions and cooling additives for special products such as waterpipes, electronic shishas, hookah tobacco, charcoal and its other requisites.

2 Malika10 Malika9

The HiLIQ Europe Visit will continue to gather new developments as we move forward to the The Hall of Vape Show to be held in Stuttgard, Germany from 23rd of April of this year, to 24th.


ChAFTA: A Win for Business and Consumers


A follow up symposium was held in Economic Centre of China, Shanghai just recently, January 25, 2016 to gather Chinese and Australian businessmen to strengthen its partnership in commercial trading and exportation.

Last June of 2015, the ChAFTA (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement) was officially signed in Australia’s Capital, Canberra by Australia’s Minister for Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb and Chinese Commerce Minister, Mr. Gao Hucheng. It was then entered into force last December 20, 2015.

HiLIQ as a company dealing day-to-day business in Australia was invited in the Symposium. Our Top Management attended the event to participate in the discussion of current market conditions, opportunity exchanges and even cultural and political consideration.

ChAFTA 1It was a day fulfilled with good news, in general, for both countries as there will be no tax imposed to major products coming from the two borders. What’s even more positive is that the possibility of lowering down shipment fees from China to Australia has been introduced and HiLIQ will be the very first one to implement and pursue this once it materializes. HiLIQ will work hard to make this happen together with its international logistic partners in order to benefit our Australian consumers.

The symposium was led by the the Australian Consul General, Graeme Meehan under the theme; China Australia Free Trade Agreement: A win for Business and Consumers.


Wrap up

The Vaping community have had witness a fair share of ups and downs in 2015. We have seen several researches and studies proving the safety and dangers of E-cigarettes and E-liquids, we’ve heard conflicting claims of the pros and the antis. We’ve watched some government agencies and top-rank officials acknowledge the presence and help of Vaping. Others regulated them as tobacco and others are still in fight whether to ban them or not. We are there when the news broke out that Big tobaccos are going down the arrow while Vaping are on the rise. We are there when the community celebrates occasions and gatherings that solidify the community and have shown pure passion and love for the industry.

We have been a witness to both beauty and pain of the scene – But all of which had led to a better market understanding, community harmony and general public awareness.

Let’s reminisce the news that impacted the Vaping Scene in 2015 as well as the gatherings that solidify us, Vapers and Pro-Vaping!


The start of the year 2015 is not as good to Vaping. News broke out that Formaldehyde are being hidden in E-cigs. Then Dr. Farsalinos refuted the claim as formaldehyde levels found in the NEJM study were associated with dry puff conditions.


Vape Event: TPC Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo 2015, Las Vegas January 28-29, 2015.


It has been a talk of the nation if Vaping are rather worst than Smoking.


Vaping Event: VCCT2015 Vaping Convention Circuit Tampa 2015, Pitsburg February 28-March 1, 2015.


More and more studies has been done and one of those confirms that E-Cigarettes generate virtually no toxins. However, some states are still into putting stricter laws pertaining to the sale and use of E-cigs.


Vape Events: Vegas Vape Fest 2015, Las Vegas, March 6-7, 2015
VaperSlam 2015, North Carolina, March 20-21, 2015


As one article header says; the war over vaping’s health risks is getting dirty. Group of German reseachers found out that E-cigs are less harmful to Lung tissues.
It has been reported too that the use of E-cigs in Teens has tripled in one year.


Vape Event: Vape Bash 4, Illinois April 17-18, 2015


Well, let’s take some things lightly as the “Vape” word has been added now to Scrabble’s Official Wordlist along with other interesting words such as Lolz, Sexting, Emoji and hashtag. Yes, to add, “Vape” has been hailed the Oxford’s Word of the year in 2014.


Vaping Event: Arizona VapeXpo, Arizona, May 2-3, 2015
World Vapor Expo, Florida May 29–31, 2015


It’s getting good as congress moves to protect the vapor industry from the FDA deeming ban.


Vaping Event: Vaping Convention Circuit, Pittsburgh June 13-14, 2015


As the FDA sees more and more “emergency call” for kids poisoning, a new liquid nicotine regulations is being drafted and the FDA is asking the public for feedback.


Vaping Event: Vaping the Coast, Alabama July 31 – August 2, 2015


The Community went ablaze with joy as a study by an agency of Britain’s Department of Health concludes that Electronic cigarettes are around 95 percent less harmful than tobacco.


Vaping Event: ECC, California August 13-16, 2015


The debate continues as the recent news update are positive to Vaping, Academics at war over E-cigarette claims.


Vaping Event: VapeMania, North Carolina September 4-6, 2015
Vape Expo France, Paris September 20-22, 2015 (We‘ve been here!)


Since the election is coming, Vaping can surely swing elections. Politicians who are anti-Vaping do have a place, outside voting ballots.


Vape Event: Vapor Dynasty Expo, Arizona October 16-18, 2015
TabExpo London, London October 26-28, 2015 (We’ve been here!)
Vape Nights, Ontario Octber 30-31, 2015


Sad news for our folks in Canada especially in Quebec as its bill 44 takes effect. It enforces strict rules in Tobacco and Electronic cigarettes. Tagged as Vaping Wonderland in Asia, Malaysia is regulating the sales of E-cigarettes and E-liquids.


Vaping Event: Vaporpalooza 2015, Michigan Nov 22, 2015


Ending the year 2015 with solid positive news about vaping. UK’s prime minister publicly gives E-cigaretter ringing endorsement. The bill 45 and E-cig ban in Ontario got delayed. Malaysia Vaping Community Shouts for a Better Vaping Regulation instead of a ban. Finally, Smoking rate collapses down while Vaping rate rises.


Vape Event: Vape Fair Malaysia 2015, Kuala Lumpur December 5-6, 2015

2016 is another year to conquer, another story to tell and another fight to win. We do not know what the future may bring but we are confident, with solid love, support and patronage to our industry and community, it would be just another successful-vaping-year.

Thank you for 2015, Vapers and Pro-vaping! We are counting on your continued support on 2016!